Monument Blvd Class 1 Path - Project 2455

The project includes the installation of a separated Class I multi-use pathway along the east side of Monument Boulevard from Systron Drive to Cowell Road, and connecting to the existing bike path at Mesa Street, and the installation of intersection improvements at Systron Drive/Walters Way and Cowell/Road/Oakmead Drive. The work includes traffic control, pedestrian detours, staging of the work, water pollution control program, clearing and grubbing; removal of existing AC, concrete and striping; earthwork; constructing a 12’ pervious concrete pathway with 2’ decomposed granite shoulders, new concrete curb, gutter, driveways, curb ramps and sidewalks; modification of existing traffic signals; new lighting; installation of new HMA conform areas; utility adjustment coordination; new bio-retention and landscape areas and new walls and such other items or details that are required by the Plans, Standard Specifications, the Special Provisions and as directed by the Engineer.
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