West Concord Ironhorse Trail Connection Project 2499

Curb, gutter and sidewalk reconstruction,detectable warning surfaces,paving,installing City furnished RRFB and signage, pavement delineation, traffic control;and such otheritems or detailsthat are required by the Plans, Standard Specifications, the Special Provisions and as directed by the Engineer.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date5/21/20 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

city of concord

Tianjun Cao   Tianjun.Cao@cityofconcord.org


Concord, CA

The Engineer’s estimated construction costisbetween$100,000and $150,000for the basebid+ additivebid.The Contractorshall possess atleast the following valid Contractor’s licenses at the time the bids are opened:Class “A”: General Engineering Contractor.

The Contractor shall have completed within the last five years a minimum of three Capital ImprovementProgram (CIP) projects for one or more public agencies; these projects shall involve work of similar type andcomplexity, each project valued at not less than $200,000.00.

There is no pre-bid meeting for this work; however, contractors are strongly encouraged to visitthesite inadvance of the bid to familiarize themselves with the nature of the existing conditions.